Happy Summer!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 13:32

greens smoothie
Summer is the perfect time to replace one of your meals with a GREENS SMOOTHIE. 
With produce at its peak, it's helpful to have an opportunity to make use of all those purchases, before they make their own "soup" in your crisper drawer or fruit bowl! An ordinary blender works just fine and the possibilities are endless. Use nutrient dense greens such as spinach, kale, collards, romaine, arugala, parsley, etc., and combine with fruits for sweetness. Depending on where you are with greens, add a handful or two, along with a couple cups of fruit and a half to one cup of liquid to your blender and whirl away. Water and ice in smoothies is fine, but I like to take advantage of further nutrition with a few additional tips. Instead of ice, use frozen fruit or veggies; I always buy bananas off the reduced produce table, peel & slice them and keep them in the freezer. With a slight blanch, most greens freeze well too. I save the water whenever I steam vegies, keeping it in a container in the refrigerator, to use in smoothies. Coconut water and green or herb teas are also good liquids to use. Have fun experimenting to find your favorites and do share your recipes or questions. 

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